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An assessment is a collaborative piece of work between client and therapist/coach. We work together to understand what’s brought you to seek support, understanding the impact of the problem and what has led to the problem developing.

Anxiety, low mood and low self-esteem can be caused by many different things, such as early life experiences, difficult relationships or spiritual wobbles.

How does an assessment work?

An assessment can take one or more sessions. Our aim is to figure out what is the best form of support for the problem you have. Often this is to continue therapy or coaching, sometimes it’s about different types of support or different types of therapies, for example relationship counselling.

In the event that we agree a different form of support is required, we will work together to identify that support and enable you to access it.

So what's next?


Therapy or psychotherapy is a talking treatment for many different mental health struggles. We work towards you healing and reclaiming your life.


Coaching is a talking intervention, with many similarities to therapy. Coaching aims for you to fulfil your potential and live a value led life.

Other support

This can come in many forms. We might agree on some self-help resources, or identify a different kind of therapy. Either way you'll be supported in the process of accessing other support.

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