Feedback from my clients shared with permission

Jodie is such a lovely person. Her charisma and positivity makes the whole process so much easier. I found Jodie quite refreshing and easy to talk to. She is an expert in her field and she knows exactly what to say and how to say it in order to help you throughout your healing process.

Exceeds Expectations - never having had any kind of therapy before, I didn’t know what to expect but the process was very easy and Jodie is great at making you feel at ease and comfortable talking about what’s on your mind.

Very helpful! Jodie is a very experience CBT therapist and her support and knowledge really helped me to overcome my anxiety and worries.

Brilliant! I am so thrilled we can all get the support and help we need without living the comfort of our home. No travelling, no stressing out on who will look after my daughter, no asking work for permission to leave early. I am so happy we can make use of technology in such a positive way.

It’s all very easy to use and set up. Greatly convenient times and flexibility all can be done from the comfort of your home and work around your lifestyle.

Jodie’s a great listener, patient, friendly and approachable. You feel more like you are having a deep conversation with a friend. She doesn’t disregard what you say if it doesn’t answer her question and pays real attention.

Jodie is excellent at what she does . I definitely feel listened to and heard and really do believe that I've started my journey to better myself


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